Tutelar Technologies: Transforming Manufacturing with Ujigami

Tutelar Technologies: Transforming Manufacturing with Ujigami

The manufacturing space has witnessed a significant transition with the digitalization of the shopfloor, where collaboration and process visibility go hand-in-hand, utilization of actionable metrics, and significant data accessibility leads to sustainable and productive manufacturing. This evolvement has rendered legacy MES obsolete and redundant, functioning only as raw data collectors. Although most manufacturers today effectively identify the issues within their organizations, they fail to quickly resolve them due to the lack of skilled resources. In light of this, Tutelar Technologies takes up the baton as a problem-solver for the manufacturing entities, with its easy-to-use, accessible and extensive plant-floor software Ujigami to drive improvements in quality and productivity. “What differentiates Tutelar Technologies is that our Ujigami software is easily configured to maximize performance on the shopfloor, requiring no programming resources” states Edward Dickson, president of Tutelar Technologies.

The company’s browser-based solution, Ujigami, is directed toward enhancing the caliber of the products and services directly on the shopfloors. Ujigami uses a Product Directed Manufacturing approach that delivers zero-defect manufacturing, along with extensive mistake-proofing, operator training and certification matrix, quality alerts, scheduling, labeling, and inbound and outbound sequencing. It helps to manage all manufacturing and warehouse activities through both machine and operator active controls. This solution brings an element of flexibility, as it resides locally, which also makes it one of the fastest systems in the industry.

Clients can easily access Ujigami with a secure login using any browser and rapidly configure plant floor processes to achieve continuous improvement. There is no additional training or knowledge required to operate the Ujigami software, which makes its application unique and universal. The system’s built-in intelligence facilitates proactive decision-making and enables lesser skilled personnel to deliver the highest quality of performance.

Additionally, the software negates the need for PLC programmers and technicians to make changes to the machines and tools in manufacturing units. The system automatically and seamlessly integrates with the equipment on the plant floor, including scanners, torque controllers, vision cameras, presses, welders, test equipment, and others, and provides a standard methodology to connect to devices using each device’s native communications methodology. This allows users to focus on the task at hand and not the programming. All plant floor hardware is effectively integrated into the manufacturing workflows.

What differentiates Tutelar Technologies is that our Ujigami software is easily configured to maximize performance on the shopfloor, requiring no programming resources

Alongside this, capabilities pertaining to real-time information retrieval and conveyance about all the activities on the floor, and effective communications with the project teams, make Ujigami a swift and reliable offering that delivers consistent maintenance and support for all the equipment and operators.
Ujigami has created a favorable ground to easily implement IIoT and AI into the current manufacturing environment, which eliminates the need for additional investment in new equipment. “Ujigami becomes the master translator, communicator, coordinator, and intelligent decision-maker to transform our customers’ manufacturing,” adds Dickson. The software offering ensures that all production work is done accurately, which not only improves overall productivity but effectively stops waste caused by rework and repair. In effect, Ujigami proves to be a cost-effective and time-saving solution that provides an 8-12 percent improvement in productivity, double digit improvements in quality, and a significant reduction in on-hand safety stock that was previously used to accommodate potential failures.

Tutelar Technologies typically performs the initial deployment of Ujigami to solve the customer’s immediate problem. After deployment the process is handed over to clients to continue to identify opportunities to extend Ujigami’s benefits in their work areas. Tutelar has transformed the manufacturing space by doing away with paper-based operations and manual processes to pave the way for automatically controlling and resolving significant problems in the production and distribution industries. The company is also looking ahead to continue expanding globally and ensure the highest level of services worldwide. “We continue to see our highest penetration rates in OEM and Tier 1 manufacturing and distribution, and are pleased with how Ujigami implements a marked advancement and significant leap forward by driving the highest performance,” concludes Dickson.

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Tutelar Technologies has been a leading provider of high performance solutions for the manufacturing and distribution companies with its cutting-edge software Ujigami