Tutelar Technologies: Next Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Tutelar Technologies: Next Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Edward Dickson, CEO, Tutelar TechnologiesEdward Dickson, CEO
“Passion and drive for excellence are the core values that not only differentiate us as an organization but also ensures we immediately grasp customers’ needs and deliver software products that exceed their requirements,” begins Edward Dickson, CEO of Tutelar Technologies Inc. Nearly 30 years ago, the founders of Tutelar Technologies identified that the value of manufacturing equipment would be significantly greater if each device was connected to an intelligent central system that controlled the production of every part. “We realized that companies in the manufacturing domain required a control system that is easy to use, reduces the time spent to learn the system, and increases the flexibility and options to solve problems,” Dickson adds. The company began to develop its plan of filling the gaps in the industry through its server-based software—Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS).

“Ujigami includes advanced Artificial Intelligence and IIoT capabilities to deliver the highest levels of mistake proofing. Ujigami’s core module can be extended with integrated scheduling, customer order interfaces, warehouse management, supplier ASN, performance metrics, and advanced management reporting,” says Dickson. “Zero Defect manufacturing is possible with Ujigami PDMS.”

With the ability to connect every device and machine, Ujigami users can quickly and easily configure their specific manufacturing requirements using any web browser on any device. “Building on the success of Ujigami PDMS, we have applied similar Artificial Intelligence and IIoT methodologies to Warehouse Management and management reporting,” notes Dickson. The software simplifies the programming of complex equipment resources and allows users to manage all manufacturing and warehouse operations from dock to dock. Furthermore, users without any programming background also can be successful in streamlining their operations with Ujigami’s browser-based interface and familiar architecture that uses Process Flow Diagram and Control Plan inputs to coordinate and control the functions of each machine and operator.

Next Generation manufacturing software that drives the highest performance in any manufacturing organization

Ujigami PDMS also integrates seamlessly with all other manufacturing software systems to coordinate the functions of each system. Often, a company can simplify their software environment by replacing several existing software systems with the comprehensive capabilities of Ujigami. Along the lines of hardware connectivity, users can quickly configure a new device by following the prompts on an Ujigami web page—communicating to each device in its native protocol, be it proprietary or compliant to one of the new standards. Users simply connect plant-floor devices (torque controllers, PLCs, presses, measurement devices, testers, etc.) to their Ethernet backbone and Ujigami communicates with the devices in real-time.

To illustrate, a major Tier 1 automotive supplier deployed Ujigami to completely transform their plant from a manual system with excess inventory and poor productivity into a highly integrated plant with World Class OEE. The client witnessed double digit gains in labor efficiency with a similar improvement in customer quality. Ujigami controls the movement of all material from receipt through kitting and final consumption. Furthermore, it automatically stores WIP material in an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) and moves material to the point of use by Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). Parts are manufactured using robust mistake-proofing of all operations including plastic injection molding, high speed robotic assembly, and manual operator work stations.

Forging ahead, the firm’s next generation manufacturing software drives high performance in any manufacturing organization and is widely achieving global acceptance. The company aspires to continue being a rising tide in the manufacturing space. “We are a driving force in helping manufacturers achieve World Class Manufacturing Excellence,” concludes Dickson.