MPDV: Recoding the Way MES Works

MPDV: Recoding the Way MES Works

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Juergen Kletti, CEO, MPDVProf. Dr.-Ing. Juergen Kletti, CEO
“There is always room for improvement”—words that have driven Prof. Dr.-Ing. Juergen Kletti, CEO of MPDV to steer his company successfully to this day. Kletti’s experience in the MES space has led the company to grow from a small venture in a programming lab to an international supplier for integrated Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). With more than 930 customers worldwide, MPDV has over the years enabled companies to collect, evaluate and display all data from production, quality management and HR along the value chain in real-time. “Our main differentiator is our wide application portfolio and our long lasting experience in connecting shop floor devices,” says Kletti.

Kletti believes that manufacturing excellence depends on streamlining operations on the shop floor and throughout the supply chain. Paraphrasing Kletti, modern day manufacturing companies still use old machinery and processes that cause inefficiencies and lack capable ERP systems that are needed to handle complex shop floor data. “The need of the hour is a system in-between that pushes data from machines to the ERP system in order to aggregate data and calculate relevant sum values for the ERP to connect to,” delineates Kletti. “Pushing data from machines directly to the ERP will only overload the ERP system.”

Whilst other companies in the manufacturing arena sell self-contained systems, MPDV’s prowess in the MES market can be attested to their approach of implementing practical functions that users are looking for and Kletti’s foresightedness of the changing market. “Our MES covers all needed functions pertaining to manufacturing control, quality management and human resources in one modular system and today the vision is to implement standardized and modular applications for the Smart Factory,” informs Kletti.

MPDV develops flexible and integrated MES software for customers and implementation partners.

Our main differentiator is our wide application portfolio and our long lasting experience in connecting shop floor devices

Empowered with MPDV’s solutions, staff members are well positioned to react to unscheduled events and can introduce counter measures in their daily production routine. The company’s MES software provides much functionality such as powerful shop floor scheduling to control production. Additionally, various evaluations are available, which amongst others support development of individual KPIs and are essential for continuous improvement processes. This is the reason why organizations chose MPDV’s MES because it covers all requirements in one system.

MPDV’s product portfolio comprises of MES products, services, and entire MES solutions for the MES environment. Under the brand of HYDRA, the company offers a broad range of field-tested MES applications. HYDRA Machine Data (MDE) collects data from connected machines via standardized interfaces like OPC, file transfer or any other possible connection. The data collected is stored in the HYDRA database for later reports and for displaying current values and KPIs. HYDRA Shop Floor Data (BDE) on the other hand plays an important role of bridging the ERP system with the shop floor employees. With HYDRA BDE, managers and workers can completely trace and monitor production orders including operations in real-time.

With the proliferation of smart devices in manufacturing facilities, customers were in need of a simple, mobile tool to interact with their systems from anywhere and anytime. Responding to this need, MPDV has developed Smart MES Applications (SMA) such as Touch2Plan, where users can move planned orders with just a fingertap on their tablet PC.

MPDV’s clients and customers experienced all of the MES functions and features live at the company’s booth together with latest I4.0/ IoT achievements at the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2016 (IMTS) that took place in September. “This year’s IMTS was a huge success for MPDV,” concludes Kletti.