Leading2Lean: Ushering a New Era in Manufacturing

Leading2Lean: Ushering a New Era in Manufacturing

Keith Barr, President & CEO, Leading2LeanKeith Barr, President & CEO
As Industry 4.0 gains momentum, bringing in a new wave of connected smart factories, manufacturers around the globe realize that the stakes are higher than never before. Leaders in the manufacturing industry are pondering over a few simple yet profound questions—is our ERP solving all our manufacturing problems efficiently? Are CMMS curtailing spare cost? Do they reveal our ‘hidden plant’? Oftentimes, ERP, CMMS, MES consultants, and solutions fail to identify the value of the real contributors to change—the people. As such, manufacturing organizations now perceive the importance of unleashing the power of the ‘people’ by making them aware and aligned with the biggest manufacturing challenges, fostering a culture of continual improvement.

Set against this backdrop, Nevada-based Leading2Lean is cutting corners in the manufacturing realm with its cloud-based Lean Execution System (LES)—CloudDISPATCH—that provides visible real-time data on manufacturing activities, abnormalities, and production metrics across all verticals. In doing so, the ingenious software efficiently reduces downtime and helps manufacturers deal with quality and maintenance abnormalities by prioritizing them and then resolving them permanently. Further, the unique technology helps engage plant floor workers, changing their approach to managing their work with proactive methods and real-time actionable IoT data that pinpoint the root causes of production bottlenecks.

Driving Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Leading2Lean is driven by a mission to lead manufacturers to a successful and sustainable improvement path by providing a market-leading technology and methods that propel innovation and problem-solving. The President and CEO of the company, Keith Barr underscores, “Our objective is to help drive continuous improvement and create a continuous improvement culture in companies, and we’re doing that through a real-time collaboration and problem-solving methodology that we provide as a cloud solution.” To that end, the company’s CloudDISPATCH platform functions as a Manufacturing 4.0 solution that merges IoT with human innovation to help manufacturers improve production, QA metrics, and maintenance. Manufacturers can benefit from a common plant floor standard while harmonizing and connecting existing disparate systems without the support of consultants.

With the Lean Execution System, CloudDISPATCH, manufacturers can work on real-time executions in plants utilizing the visualized data provided to the right people at the right time, facilitating informed decisions. CloudDISPATCH’s solutions encompass production, maintenance, quality assurance, system integration, and lean tools. While manufacturers oftentimes rely on numerous systems and consultants to address OEE related challenges, CloudDISPATCH enables factory managers to improve OEE delivering robust visualized data focusing on quality and throughput abnormality problem solving for each production line. With the Production Solution, manufacturers can digitalize production boards, centrally monitor KPIs, and easily identify automatic abnormality escalations, thereby driving value for both the factory and line operators.

Leading2Lean’s maintenance solution empowers manufacturers with breakthrough results that are otherwise unachievable using traditional CMMS. As a Lean Execution System, the maintenance solution integrates effective Lean tools into the system to allow technicians to participate in problem-solving. By capturing comprehensive data in real time that not only delivers unprecedented visibility into what is happening in production lines but also lets technicians sustainably resolve abnormalities, the software acts as a true improvement system. “We are boiling the data down as opposed to people having to do deep dive analysis,” adds Barr.

When it comes to maintaining the quality of the goods on the production line, the Leading2Lean team understands that it is an organization’s reputation at stake and not just their time and money. Keeping up with the demand, CloudDISPATCH’s Quality Assurance (QA) solution transcends the conventional green light/red light inspection process, allowing clients’ QA teams to custom-manage and monitor production lines in real time. The solution comes with real-time defect trending, makes quality inspection a part of the production process rather than a bolt-on, and also red-tags and quarantines materials while accessing real-time time product genealogy.

Our objective is to help drive continuous improvement and create a continuous improvement culture in companies, and we’re doing that through a real-time collaboration and problem-solving methodology that we provide as a cloud solution

To rise to the challenges of increasing redundancies and delayed reporting owing to multiple disparate systems, CloudDISPATCH’s systems integration solution brings forth a common plant floor language and data analysis process. The solution integrates with SAP, Oracle, Infor, QAD, and all others, connecting across all industry standards and ensuring seamless operations with all systems. Leading2Lean’s modular approach provides manufacturers with the ultimate flexibility to bridge all the existing system gaps and integrate into any system virtually utilizing an intuitive API. Moreover, in order to ensure compliance, the company works hand-in-hand with a client’s security team, adhering to numerous standards— ITAR, HIPAA, SOC II, SAS70 Type II, among others.

At the core of Leading2Lean’s solution set is lean, integrated and infused in it, to ensure an ongoing toolset that empowers and engages plant floor workers to foster a sustained culture of continuous improvement. With the lean practice deeply rooted in the company culture, Leading2Lean helps employees collaborate to identify ways to reduce waste, decrease the cost of the product while enhancing the product quality. Lean tools like Kaizen (improvement opportunities), Yokoten (best practice sharing), TPM and Problem Solving are often not included in ERP, CMMS, and MES solutions, and this is what Leading2Lean helps to address with its integrated lean tools. Examining metrics and implementing consult-driven fixes, these tools are aimed at fuelling true production and driving maintenance improvements.

Cutting Corners in the Manufacturing Technology Realm

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Leading2Lean’s Lean Execution system hinge on the concept of “Don’t Rip and Replace.” While traditional manufacturing software perform well with their core functionalities, they are often not the best fit for lean transformations. These solutions often require the replacement of an existing system, which makes the process time consuming as well as complicated. CloudDISPATCH Lean Execution System, on the other hand, there is no need for this; the LES seamlessly integrates with other systems, bridges performance gaps, and improves their performance.

Contrary to other manufacturing systems

Leading2Lean’s clients go live in 4-6 weeks and start to achieve ROI. Besides, the company holds a record of 100 percent customer retention owing to the accelerated production improvements that it brings forth with its Lean Execution System. The key to success for Leading2Lean lies in working closely with clients’ operations teams. Drawing on their deep industry know-how, the Leading2Lean team is in the best position to specify how CloudDISPATCH should be configured and customized as per requirements without the help of IT project teams.

Leading2Lean is on a quest to identify and utilize every opportunity to further enhance its state-of-the-art CloudDISPATCH platform, helping customers turn manufacturing abnormalities into bottom line improvements. Striding ahead in full steam, the company is focused on amping up the capabilities of its Lean Execution System to realize the vision of Manufacturing 4.0 and bring about rapid improvements in clients’ manufacturing metrics while assisting them in dealing with their daily manufacturing challenges.