IQMS: High Performance MES Software

IQMS: High Performance MES Software

Gary Nemmers, President & CEO, IQMSGary Nemmers, President & CEO
‘In manufacturing, an organization’s money is made on the shop floor’—with this point of view, the management team at IQMS considers that accurate, real-time visibility into a firm’s production and factory floor is a critical component of the modern manufacturing environment. Working towards this end, IQMS uniquely combines ERP and manufacturing execution system (MES) functionality to form a comprehensive end-to-end suite that increases visibility and transparency into every aspect of manufacturing operations. The company’s ERP and MES software systems are a balanced combination, offering data from firms’ supply chain, factory floor and ERP software that are combined for improved shop floor performance, compliance and visibility. Leveraging IQMS’ MES software, firms can obtain a complete enterprise-wide visibility in a single vendor solution.

IQMS’ comprehensive software structure enhances two-way, real time, collaborative ERP software, and MES communication, eliminating the problems associated with transferring information out of one system into another. With IQMS’ two-way communication, firms can track and collect detailed production data from shop floors and deliver it to ERP systems across the enterprise for proactive decision making. This set up abolishes the concerns of costly software integration and difficulties functioning in multiple manufacturing styles. Regardless of the firms operation as a single facility or multiple global facilities, proprietary IQMS data sharing tools transfers the necessary information from the shop floor between their ERP system and IQMS’ MES software.

From state-of-the-art process monitoring tools that track process data parameters including item numbers, work center details, lot numbers, dates and time, to shop floor machine data collection tools, IQMS comprises of sophisticated solutions that —controls costs and helps firms make proactive informed decisions. IQMS’ IQAlert for business activity monitoring enables firms to efficiently manage critical business and manufacturing issues by evaluating mission critical data and turning it into actions and advisories. At the same time, the company’s EnterpriseIQ for business intelligence allows firms to constantly map their performance to ensure optimal plant operations as well as a positive bottom line.

EnterpriseIQ examines, evaluates and identifies profitable and unprofitable business areas with reports, email alerts, advanced analytics, and dashboards

EnterpriseIQ examines, evaluates and identifies profitable and unprofitable business areas with reports, email alerts, advanced analytics, and dashboards. To bring Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and analysis to fingertips, EnterpriseIQ Business Intelligence tools leverages the data within the comprehensive manufacturing, ERP and supply chain database. In addition to the unrivaled manufacturing intelligence, IQMS’s customers receive detailed inventory tracking, a comprehensive suite of quality tools, production traceability, tracking and genealogy, and lean manufacturing tools—KanBan and Heijunka systems.

Customers utilizing IQMS’ MES software solution improve the efficiency of their plants and increase profitability in terms of reduced inventory costs and downtime, controlled quality, automated plant floors and enhanced visibility throughout their supply chains. In an instance, Poly-Cast Plastics, a company providing tight tolerance, custom-molded components from engineered resins outsourced its financials to a Chinese CPA when it established its facility in China. However, the sub-contracted CPA was only managing the People’s Republic of China (PRC) tax law side and not providing any data to Poly-Cast to help it make better business decisions. After associating with IQMS and utilizing its ERP and MES software solution Poly-Cast brought its financials in-house. Poly-Cast now receives business intelligence data in real time, while saving the costs associated with outsourcing its financials and remaining up to code with China’s strict tax regulations.

IQMS’ mission is to form long-term partnerships with customers based on trust, support and bottom-line, measurable ROI. Working on this mission, the company is continuously modifying its software as the technology evolves. From wireless and mobile capabilities to the ever increasing need for instantaneous visibility, collaboration and communication, IQMS is securing a strategic place in manufacturing as complete enterprise-wide solution. Gary Nemmers, President and CEO, IQMS describing his new role as a ‘good fit,’ expects to retain the company culture while growing IQMS exponentially and organically.