Critical Manufacturing: Simplifying Complex Manufacturing Operations

Critical Manufacturing: Simplifying Complex Manufacturing Operations

Francisco Almada Lobo, CEO & Co-Founder, Critical ManufacturingFrancisco Almada Lobo, CEO & Co-Founder
With extensive knowledge and experience in delivering solutions for several customers in high-tech manufacturing markets globally, the management of Critical Manufacturing is driving the company to cater complex needs of manufacturers worldwide through innovative software technology and advanced services. Manufacturers need reliable access to detail and timely operational information to execute game-changing decisions to stay ahead in the market competition. As INDUSTRY 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) come into greater play, this agility is even more central to success, and more complex to manage. The Porto, Portugal based company is offering new generation MES built on Microsoft application development layers and HTML5 and Angular 2 user interface technologies, that provides manufacturers in complex industries with maximum agility, visibility, reliability and floor automation.

The company’s key software platform, Critical Manufacturing MES (CM-MES) is specifically designed to serve high-tech manufacturing industries like semiconductor, solar, medical devices, automotive and electronics to assist them with smart manufacturing processes based on connectivity to different equipments and devices, meanwhile supporting Internet-of-Things enabled products and production systems. CM-MES is completely flexible, scalable and extensible to all tiers of operations helping managements to make informed decisions through reliable access to detail and timely operational information through maximum agility and visibility. To execute these decisions faster, the firm’s solutions incorporate all necessary features including integration, mobile, connectivity and logical decentralization. This unifies the entire production process thereby increasing performance, control and quality of complex manufacturing operations meanwhile making MES Industry 4.0 Ready.

Further, to simplify the manufacturing landscape, the firm offers Modeling Software which empowers organizations to easily design and deploy plant layouts, track manufacturing material and process details to increase efficiency and sharpen focus on potentially problematic areas.

CM-MES is completely flexible, scalable and extensible to all tiers of operations helping managements to make informed decisions through reliable access to detail and timely operational information

Apart from the promising software platform, Critical Manufacturing also provides manufacturing industries with quality services including MES Migrations, Data Analysis and Manufacturing Business Intelligence to deliver solutions that successfully meet customer’s functional requirements. The company has certified professionals in different technologies, platforms and programming languages to assist business enterprises in resolving technology roadblocks.

The company’s efficacy in empowering manufacturers of complex, high tech discrete products with a manufacturing execution and intelligence system has helped many large organizations to improve productivity and business. For instance, RTE Portugal, a European leader in bicycle manufacturing and assembly, was employing a primitive system to manage production operations with paper documentation and reporting. The client also had a segregated database source which slowed down their entire business operation consuming more time than required while also increasing production costs. They needed an MES to collect information from the tools for a rigorous Takt time control of production lines. Further, foreseeing future deployments, RTE wanted a solution that is reliable and scalable. To demystify the challenges, the client implemented Critical Manufacturing MES which helped them go paperless with an integrated system for production operations and one-source database for effective and automated information flows. The solution also enabled the management to gain real-time visibility into the operations helping them to accurately control and channelize industry best practices. “With Critical Manufacturing MES, we widely improved our production supervision in multiple areas,” says Bruno Salgado, Executive Director of RTE Portugal.

Over the past years Critical Manufacturing has successfully served the manufacturing industry with smart production methods and solutions meanwhile helping them reduce on the expenses associated with deployment, operation and maintenance of critical applications. Moving ahead the company is investing towards developing latest technologies in the manufacturing landscape where factories of the future are the main focus.