Aegis Software: Enhanced Control and Operational Visibility

Aegis Software: Enhanced Control and Operational Visibility

Jason Spera, CEO, Aegis SoftwareJason Spera, CEO
As the manufacturing industry enters the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Aegis Software is all set to embrace the principles of automation and data exchange through its manufacturing operations management software, FactoryLogix R3. This new version of Aegis’s flagship solution, FactoryLogix—an integrated suite of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software modules—encompasses new capabilities to create a smart manufacturing environment. Extending the functionalities, FactoryLogix R3 includes Incoming Quality Control (IQC), resource scheduling, production planning, material kitting and dispatch, and part replenishment and reorder capabilities. Aegis has incorporated these advancements in its solution suite to address the challenges that manufacturers face in fulfilling the increasing customer requirements while accelerating product development and reducing costs. Aegis Software—a developer of manufacturing optimization, management, and analysis software—presents FactoryLogix as an entirely new level of MES to excel in product development while satisfying customers.

FactoryLogix is designed to bring speed, control, and visibility to manufacturing operations. Aegis has incorporated state-of-the-art technology within FactoryLogix with the knowledge and experience that the company has gained from over 17 years in the manufacturing ERP domain. FactoryLogix’s software modules and devices are developed to improve every aspect of manufacturing operations. Acknowledging that an MES system should be in sync with the products being manufactured, FactoryLogix is built on a New Product Introduction (NPI) system that understands the entire process of manufacturing—from CAD design to manufacturing Bill of Materials (BOM).

FactoryLogix consolidates shop-floor support functions at every station into one interface for efficiency and cost savings. Through FactoryLogix Production, the processes become paperless, delivering uncomplicated traceability and process verification via a user-configurable interface.

FactoryLogix is designed to bring speed, control, and visibility to manufacturing operations

Considering the fact that the significance of MES is in the information it delivers, FactoryLogix Analytics transfers the power to extract the manufacturing information to the hands of those who need it. People in operations are empowered by the reports, real-time dashboards, and mobile interfaces to build the outputs they need in a simple, graphical manner. Aegis’s MES not only serves as an information island, but also offers an architecture that allows for easy business system integration via a service-based API, programmatic data export for basic integrations, and standards-based machine data acquisition to connect the factory assets to the system. It ensures that a firm’s ERP, time and attendance, PLM, and factory and warehouse equipments all benefit from MES data.

The FactoryLogix software is only a part of the solution that Aegis brings to its clients. The company’s services division delivers the knowledge, experience, processes, and management required for a successful system deployment while empowering firms to become self-sufficient once a project is complete. In an instance, Cirtronics—an electronics contract manufacturer—extended its use of the Aegis application to incorporate instructions delivered electronically for shop-floor personnel, as part of the company’s commitment to lean manufacturing. Implementing Aegis’s powerful data collection and analysis tools, Cirtronics gained a real-time view of their manufacturing performance, which allowed them to reduce the response time to manufacturing issues, thereby improving the quality of their products.

The company’s install base spans more than 1700 factory sites across the electronics, medical, automotive, military, and aerospace industries. Aegis provides customers with faster support and a better solution, in less time and at a lower cost. Instant visibility to product, process, quality, test, and materials information factory-wide are the essential requirements for manufacturers to succeed today, and Aegis is continuously undertaking innovations in various dimensions to fill the gaps.