Nysus Solutions: Web-Based MES System: The Future of Manufacturing Landscape

Nysus Solutions: Web-Based MES System: The Future of Manufacturing Landscape

Steve Sass, Founder, Nysus SolutionSteve Sass, Founder
In a manufacturing environment, delivering the highest quality product to the customer is always a key priority. Today, in order to stay relevant manufacturers need to keep pace with the rapid product development and innovation which is changing at light speed. “Manufacturers are seeking a blend of technology and creativity to solve business challenges. We draw on our extensive manufacturing and technology knowledge base to create products that truly improve the way our customers do business,” says Steve Sass, Founder of Nysus Solutions.

Headquartered in Maumee, OH, Nysus Solutions is a manufacturing software and automation provider with a wide range of products which improve organizations’ manufacturing operations, lower costs, and improve product quality. The company’s products include Manufacturing Execution Systems, Quality Systems, Automation, Pick to Light Systems, robotic integration and testing equipment. This comprehensive product offering allows Nysus Solutions to provide the appropriate level of integration for every customer.

The Nysus Solutions Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a web application that provides automated work instructions, product traceability, downtime and cycle time reporting, and operator tracking for all types of manufacturing processes. This system integrates directly with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), machines, robotics, torque tools, pick to light systems, and testing equipment allowing for a complete shop floor solution. As a web based system, the MES provides the ability to monitor operations from any web-enabled device. “With our MES application, organizations can control their entire manufacturing process and ensure product quality and productivity,” adds Sass. Nysus provides a standard suite of support software that can be integrated into the MES to provide even greater functionality. Systems in this suite include defect collection, statistical process control, corrective action, employee management, and on the job training tracking systems. “The ability to integrate these additional systems allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for any manufacturing operation,” explains Sass.

Nysus Solutions will continue to be a technology partner for our customers, utilizing the latest technologies to improve their manufacturing operations

In addition to software applications, Nysus Solutions also offers a comprehensive range of automation solutions. Products include electrical testing equipment, robots and robotic integration, vision systems, pick to light systems, Poka Yoke fixtures, and controls engineering. “Our ability to provide both software and automation systems allow us to provide our customers with a complete turnkey system,” says Sass.

The company has been able to solve the complexities of the manufacturing industry through their unique solutions and has helped a multitude of enterprises in improving their operations. One of the company’s clients, a major internal combustion engine parts manufacturer had no shop floor visibility or downtime information. Due to this lack of information, they experienced losses in productivity and quality issues that were difficult to identify. Nysus worked to develop the appropriate downtime, production and quality tracking solution, which allowed this customer to make significant improvements in both cost and quality.

Nysus has brought innovation in all aspects by providing custom and pre-designed software and automation system to facilitate successful manufacturing practices. “Our extensive manufacturing experience allows us to provide valuable insight into our customer’s manufacturing processes, and become a true technology partner for their organizations,” adds Sass. As the company looks towards the future, it remains focused on developing new technologies which will provide even great benefits to its customers. Some areas of current development include collaborative robotics, enhanced testing systems, and additional manufacturing execution systems analytics. “Nysus Solutions will continue to be a technology partner for our customers, utilizing the latest technologies to improve their manufacturing operations,” concludes Sass.