Beryllium Corporation: An Efficient, Robust, yet Cost-Effective MES Provider

Beryllium Corporation: An Efficient, Robust, yet Cost-Effective MES Provider

Today, manufacturing units are challenged to increase productivity with reduced budgets, increased competition, and regulatory compliance. In this pursuit of efficiency, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is an important tool for manufacturers to capture and document the process variables. In fact, there are numerous MES tools available in the market today, but CIOs often find it hard to choose the right mix, as some solutions are better suited for specific processes, particular to a vertical. “It is important to choose the right set of MES tools, but just as important, is the selection of human and technological resources for their implementation,” says Alexis Normandia, President of Beryllium Corporation.

The company based in Caguas, PR is a leading MES solution provider for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical devices industry. Beryllium’s excellence lies in its core team, comprised of experts from different backgrounds to design and configure integrated MES systems. “Our team provides EMBR/EBR design and configuration together with custom data interfacing between MES and all other systems like shop floor automation, standalone laboratory equipment and other devices/data sources using different communication technologies,” states Normandia. In order to meet the complex needs of enterprises, the company provides solutions like Web Based Recipe Managers and Report Generators. In conjunction with these, Beryllium offers Product Sterilization Tracking Software, integration with labeling systems, data interfacing software.

Beryllium’s product, BeX Connect captures process data from different devices using protocols like One Platform Communication (OPC), RS232, RS485, Modbus, and TCP/IP. With BeX Connect, companies can gather the data transmitted by devices in multiple formats. BeX Connect makes it possible to retrieve the values by its proprietary parsing. “Our interface allows configuration of different parsing scenarios to capture desired values from the data transmitted by devices/equipment,” delineates Normandia.

Besides providing custom software as complete solutions, Beryllium also provides certain ‘portions’ of software to fill in gaps that other software fails to cover but is essential to complete a client’s system.

Our reputation has been built on our execution and in the delivery of project that comply above and beyond all the established requirments

“Adding functionality to an existing MES can be expensive and time consuming. Often, we react more promptly to the clients’ needs and fulfill their requirements at a fraction of the cost,” explains Nor-mandia. This keeps Beryllium ahead of competitors and can be attributed to their experts in diverse fields of, automation, custom software development, and validation.

Beryllium Corporation, just like the element it is named after, adds value, and increases the robustness of its clients MES teams. “Our reputation has been built on our execution and success in the delivery of projects that comply above and beyond all the established requirements,” stresses Normandia. The metal is known to be resistant to high temperatures and the same goes with Beryllium as an organization, as it delivers cutting edge solutions or provides expertise in configuration/design of MESs in instances of high pressure and time constraints.

In terms of innovation, the company will continue on its path of excellence in providing intercommu-nication between different systems that would not otherwise talk to each other. The company is going to expand its bank of human resources as Normandia understands the importance of knowledgeable people in creating and deploying technology. “We aspire to expand our reach to other sectors in the manufacturing landscape in the near future,” concludes Normandia.