Aspen Technology: End-to-end Solutions to Streamline Process Manufacturing

Aspen Technology: End-to-end Solutions to Streamline Process Manufacturing

With the rising manufacturing cost and rapidly growing complexities in operational maintenance, process manufacturers are facing constant pressure to remain ahead in the competitive market. Curtailing expenditure and optimizing business processes have become the high priorities for organizations. In such a scenario, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is rapidly gaining popularity among the manufacturing vendors to enable process automation, resulting in improved productivity. “Businesses are in constant need for effective MES that will help to control demand fluctuation, ensure proper utilization of resources while maximizing profitability,” expresses Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of Aspen Technology. As a process manufacturing software supplier, Aspen Technology automates complex business processes and enables companies to plan, schedule, and monitor production that helps in profitable decision making.

Aspen Technology enables oil and gas, petroleum, chemical and pharmaceuticals industry to increase capacity, improve margins, reduce costs, and become more energy efficient with their solution, aspenONE MES. “Built on the ISA-S95 framework, aspenONE MES delivers efficient data management, operational intelligence with better visualization and analytics,” says Pietri. This helps manufacturers to quickly identify and resolve operational issues. One of the major parts of aspenONE MES is Aspen In-foPlus.21. Its flexible record structure further reduces tag consumption and enables better management of metadata. “Aspen InfoPlus.21 addresses over one million tags in a single instance to meet the needs of the most demanding production environment.”

Apart from Aspen InfoPlus.21, aspenONE MES comes with several other components for addressing different needs of process manufacturing sector. For instance, aspenONE Process Explorer provides a convenient way of accessing and analyzing various system data. “With the operation data visualization platform, process manufacturers can enhance process analysis and troubleshooting,” adds Pietri.

Aspen Technology is empowering process manufacturing industry with better performance and ROI. Their production record and execution manager orchestrates production data and ensures operational consistency.

Furthermore, “we have developed a unified web and mobile environment to collaborate the manufacturers anytime and anywhere with the schedules, simulations, and production performance data,” Pietri reveals.

Being in the forefront of the innovation, since 1981, Aspen Technology has optimized the production operations of many global enterprises. One of their clients, Cabot Corporation needed to rapidly and accurately integrate manufacturing data with their system for facilitating better decision making. Aspen Technology helped this chemical and performance materials company to improve their manufacturing quality and reduce variability. The customer adopted Aspen InfoPlus.21 and standardized it across all their 39 manufacturing sites for facilitating visualization of performance and data integration. It also helped Cabot Corporation for continuous improvement in projects like advanced process control, plant scheduling, and environmental reporting. As a result, the customer was benefitted with 30 percent improved qualities and lesser variability. The client also witnessed improved customer satisfaction that increased their sales.

With the operation data visualization platform, process manufacturers can enhance process analysis and troubleshooting

Recently, Aspen Technology has unveiled the 8.8th version of their aspenONE manufacturing software with user-friendly and streamlined workflow innovations. This software enables vendors to minimize capital cost, improve plant productivity, and boost operational profitability. “The aspenONE V8.8 software release offers significant performance and quality enhancement in various technical areas, like adaptive process control, relief sizing and revalidation, and many more,” shares Pietri. Moving ahead, “we will continue to improve our software offerings to make the manufacturing plants more efficient and profitable,” concludes Pietri.