Aegis Software: Operational Excellence Starts Here

Aegis Software: Operational Excellence Starts Here

Jason Spera, CEO, aegis coporationJason Spera, CEO
In a world where “big data” and “IoT” are hot topics, Aegis Software is leveraging these technology trends with their 17 years of experience in manufacturing to deliver a software solution that provides operational improvements in speed, control, and visibility that have a direct and immediate impact on their customer’s bottom line.

Aegis Software operates in more than 1700 factories worldwide, spanning the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, industrial and medical device manufacturing industries. Their FactoryLogix system was built from the ground up to provide a flexible, modular, and scalable solution to deliver operational efficiency at nearly every point in the manufacturing process.

Jason Spera, CEO explains: “We come from a manufacturing background and understand the challenges our customers face. Slow job launches, complex assemblies, missed production targets, quality issues, competitive pressure, and regulatory burdens all threaten their profitability. FactoryLogix is designed to meet these operational challenges head-on.”

Jason goes on to say: “Our NPI application accelerates new product introductions while our Logistics system dictates the efficient flow of materials between the stockroom and assembly lines. Our MES software tracks and controls assemblies as they move through the various stages ofproduction, leveraging paperless shop floor terminals, and wireless handhelds to deliver interactive visual aids and setup instructions. All the while, our Analytics engine monitors these activities, providing real-time process and asset performance monitoring, along with incredibly rich historical reports.

This access to “big data” gives our customers complete product and process traceability, and empowers them with deep insight into their entire manufacturing operation.”

FactoryLogix differs from other systems on the market in its ability to provide a fully configurable solution that allows customers to do most of their own customization. Users can create their own dashboards, reports and shop floor interfaces using simple drag-and-drop modules, with no need for advanced coding skills or support from an overstretched IT department. Spera told us: “Many competing systems require complex or hard-coded customization, which—apart from being extremely costly—can delay the deployment of the software and cripple its flexibility.” Jason added: “This often means that you really don’t know exactly what you’re going to endup with or how much it’s ultimately going to cost. At Aegis we are very clear on the system scope, price, and timeframe to deploy. What we quote is what you pay.”


Over the last few years the “Internet of Things” (IoT)—which enables brands and consumers mass customization opportunities—has collided with trends in manufacturing like Industry 4.0, which promises assemblers with greater efficiency, agility and traceability. Aegis believes FactoryLogix answers the demands that those looking to Industry 4.0 are making. Jason Spera concluded: “Industry 4.0 is drawing attention to the performance of manufacturing operations, and our FactoryLogix software fully complements these concepts and ideas. We deliver the critical functionality and transparency required to drive operational excellence in nearly any discrete manufacturing environment.”